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My Best Friend's Wedding

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Sunshine Bride



August 7th, 2007

Wedding bling!

Sunshine Bride
Um, I mean ring!

On Saturday, Steve and I ventured to the jewelry district downtown, which was quite a fun experience. We were looking for a new engagement ring for me (we decided to get something different from the heirloom ring I had, which I am keeping as a cocktail ring) as well as a wedding ring, since I didn't yet have one. We weren't planning to buy anything immediately, but the right rings sort of made themselves known to us. So, we bought them. :)

And now! I give you...
Blurry engagement and wedding rings pictures!Collapse )

July 30th, 2007


Sunshine Bride
My goodness, there is so much wedding awesomeness going on right now. It's exactly TWO MONTHS to our wedding. I am so freaking excited, more and more every day.

Our invitations are just about done! I found an AWESOME hair/makeup person who I will be meeting with hopefully this weekend. I am meeting with out photographer this weekend to finalize some things. And we are ALMOST done booking hotels for our honeymoon... we just have to book the first two nights we'll be in Rome, and we'll be done. Thanks to shannon_f_r, I think we'll be staying at the Daphne Inn. It looks absolutely perfect.

Beyond that... wow, we're close. There's lots of little things that can't be done until right before the wedding (programs, table cards, etc.), but the big stuff is mostly complete. I do still need to find a bakery to make the cake, and a florist to bring my bouquet vision to life.

I'm going to Tennessee for a shower in a couple of weeks, and a couple of weeks after that is our bachelor/bachelorette party. And then it's Septemeber, and THAT IS THE MONTH WE'RE GETTING MARRIED. Holy crap.

This is awesome.

May 29th, 2007

Website and dresses

Sunshine Bride
The wedding website is up at www.steveandelicia.com. Hooray! There's still a little bit to do, but it's mostly there.

Also, we settled on bridesmaid dresses, which I am happy about. They're only $50, which is good for the girls.

Let's see... I also booked the hotel rooms for the night before the wedding and the night of the wedding. That's exciting!

I think that's about everything that's happened, for now. Things being marked off the list makes me happy!

May 22nd, 2007

(no subject)

Sunshine Bride
On Saturday I met with our caterer, who I really adore. She's so nice, and has great ideas, and she's been through this a hundred times before, so she's a good guide. But most of all, we just "clicked", which I think is important, and she was very good at helping me develop and refine certain ideas I had. She's awesome, and I'm excited to be working with her. And she's cheap! The one drawback is that she can be really hard to get a hold of, but she's reliable.

I've also been corresponding with a photographer who I REALLY like. I'm going to meet her in person, and assuming everything goes okay, I'm going to book her. She's got a great attitude and I feel like her philosophy about photographing the wedding matches mine quite well. Her photos are gorgeous. And she's cheap as well! I really hope she works out. If so, I will feel really lucky, vendor-wise. It's important to me to have people to work with who I click well with and who "get it", so that I don't have to worry about anything that day other than getting married and having a good time. I've been a little afraid that I will be too busy playing hostess (because that's what I do) to relax and go with it, but I feel confident that the caterer will take excellent care of our guests, so I won't have to worry.

Website is almost done! Hoorah! In terms of big things (assuming the photographer works out) that only leaves figuring out a florist, finalizing invitations, and writing the ceremony. At least, I think that's it. I worry that I'm missing something big. There are tons of little details still, most of been have at least been thought about, but still need to be executed. Sometimes I feel like I'm running a business. I think brides should be given an MBA after the wedding.

May 15th, 2007

(no subject)

Sunshine Bride
After the flurry of wedding stuff I've been doing recently, I took a bit of a breather. But! things are happening slowly but surely. Things that make it seem more and more real. And exciting!

- We picked out tuxedos last night! The guys are going to look HOT.
- We might have found a bridesmaid dress. theinimitable_l has ordered one to see how it looks, and if it's good, I think it's what we're going with.
- I added "pearls" to my tiara on Sunday. Prying out the rhinestones and replacing them with faux pearls worked beautifully. I am happy with my $15 tiara.
- I got a call from the wedding dress place yesterday telling me they'd overquoted the price, and it was actually $50 less than the original quote. Yay! I can't believe I'm getting the dress of my dreams for less than $700, including shipping. When I first saw the dress, I would have guessed it would be well over $1000, base price.
- The website will be up by this weekend!

There are lots of other tiny little details that are going on, too, but I'll spare you tales of ribbon and paper and favor boxes.

138 days, according to weather.com!

May 9th, 2007

More wedding dreams

Sunshine Bride
Last night I had a wedding dream that was similar to my old "wedding" dreams, which weren't really wedding-related at all, but were stress dreams (where nothing was working out, it wasn't the wedding I wanted, the right guy, etc. But they weren't specific to a situation or a guy, just general "This isn't what I want" dreams). This one was definitely different feeling, and it was about my own wedding. And it was pretty generally that nothing was working out the way it should have, it wasn't what I wanted. And only a few people showed up. There were a ton of things that were just wrong, for both Steve and me. I suspect this dream was related to the episode of "How I Met Your Mother" that I saw the other night where everything at the wedding went wrong.

Anyway, I was kind of disturbed by the dream, then amused. Wedding planning is going well, and the wedding is going to be awesome, and then I'm going to be married to Steve. I remembered that shortly after I woke up, and in spite of a horrible, persistent headache, that thought has made me ridiculously happy all morning.

April 25th, 2007

(no subject)

Sunshine Bride
The sample dress I ordered from the designer came in today. I just got back from the shop.

I literally gasped when I saw it. It's amazing. If I'd designed a dress for myself, this is the dress I would have designed.

I'm not getting it through this shop, though - they inflated their prices ridiculously - she told me that the list price for the dress is almost $200 more than what I actually know the list price to be. I don't deal with liars. I actually found a place that will take over $100 off the list price, so I'm going with them.

I'll actually place the order sometime this week, and the dress will come in late July, to give me plenty of time for alterations. I'm really, really happy.

But no pictures. :) My big rule is that no one (except my mom, and people unrelated to the wedding, like a seamstress) gets to see the dress before Sept. 30. Believe me, after that, you'll be so tired of seeing the dress from the thousands of photos I will post.

And also... thank GOD. Although it's not ordered yet, I'm glad to have that decision made! I've already got the shoes, the earrings, and the headpiece. Oh, and the dress comes with a veil that's just perfect and simple! So all that will be left, once I get the dress, will be the underpinnings.

Things are really happening!

April 23rd, 2007

(no subject)

Sunshine Bride
I’m so glad my mom has been here this week. We’ve gotten SO much done. It’s great, because she knows my taste, and often knows what I’m looking for even if I can’t articulate it… and if I have a vague idea of something, she’s very good at helping me make it more real or concrete without being pushy or making it what SHE wants. She’s great at taking the framework of what she knows I like/what my taste is, and coming up with great ideas that match and work with my look and feel, even if it’s not necessarily her taste. She’s also great at logistics and details, so it’s been very helpful to have her to talk things out with, hash out different approaches, etc. So far we’ve rarely disagreed, and the few times we have, one of us has ended up agreeing with the other in the end (usually after being shown what the other was talking about all along). This all makes it sound like we have some sort of dream mother-daughter relationship, but trust me, we clash a LOT in day to day life. This just seems to be going fairly well.

Anyway! We spent a lot of time at the wedding site last week figuring out details of set-up, etc., which was good. We’ve gotten a lot of details figured out, and a few executed. We found the perfect boxes for my favors – exactly what I envisioned! They were at The Container Store, and they were $.59 each, but to my surprise when I got to the register, they were on sale for $.50 each! We also found the perfect ribbon for them… so the favor stuff is almost done except for assembling and creating the labels.

We also figured out programs, invitations (more or less, the look at least, if not the specifics of printing), and centerpieces/table setting stuff in general (still lots of details, but we did the general stuff).

I’m pretty sure I found my dress, unless something crazy happens. I also found shoes that I love – I wasn’t going to go with high heels, but since I’m short and round, high heels tend to make me look a little taller and longer, plus I think I just have better posture in them. They’re very comfy, I got them at Target for $19.99. I also got some very cute white slip-on tennis shoes in case I want to change at any point, for $12.00 on sale.

I found a tiara and jewelry that I love, which I won't be posting about since Steve reads this. But with regards to the dress, jewelry, shoes... well, pretty much everything, I've decided I'm going to keep it all a secret (from everyone!) until the wedding. So, sorry, but no one gets to see the dress until Sept. 30. :)

The other thing she’s been instrumental in is helping me sort through all of the extra stuff I bought and helping me return it. THAT has been a huge job. Today she’s calling photographers for me, plus some table rentals, as well as a few other miscellaneous things, and I’m just so, so thankful for her help. I don’t think I’d have ever had the time to do everything myself… or the patience.

April 19th, 2007

(no subject)

Sunshine Bride
Dress shopping was uneventful, and unproductive. There wasn't a single dress that I liked. I tried on several, just for fit, style, etc., but there was nothing that I would wear. Oh well, we'll keep looking. I may end up having one made.

In other news, I was just adding a name to the guest list, and I noticed another name just below it and realized I have to change who the invitation is going to. The husband of the couple died a few days ago, so it's no longer Mr. and Mrs. That made me a little sad.

This wasn't supposed to be a depressing post! The good news is that I'm taking half a day off work to go with my mom (and hopefully Mike) to the venue to show it off, take some measurements, do some planning. I'm excited - I love the place, and it will be all abloom!

April 18th, 2007

Holy crap

Sunshine Bride
I am about to go wedding dress shopping.
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